Tell your doctor to do some research at Thermology On-Line (information, case studies). Also, there are downloadable studies at Healthy Breast Check-up (see radiation question above) call me at the Longevity Center, and I will send a booklet and lots of information to your doctor. Tell your doctor you have concerns with low-level radiation and how it affects DNA. There are over 800 studies on thermography. Hand her (or him) the 2004 Heyes study on radiation. If not thermography, ask for a different method (ultrasound, breast MRI, ductal lavage) as a substitute (see on May mammogram article). In any case, thermography can be used in conjunction with a mammogram by assessing false positives or concurring with a sketchy mammogram.

It is up to us to get the word out about the benefits of Thermography and the dangers of Mammography to ALL doctors & radiologists. Here is a Fact Sheet for further information.