Longevity Centers of America Thermographers

Tammy Leiner
Tammy LeinerFounder, CCT Level 3
Tammy received her certification in Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) and completed advanced clinical training at Duke University Hospital under the tutelage of Dr. Peter Leando, President of the American College of Clinical Thermology (ACCT), in 2004. Tammy became interested in the technology as a non-invasive approach to earlier detection and prevention of disease – which provides a window of opportunity for early intervention. DITI is a diagnostic component of the holistic practitioner’s assessment process. All patients can benefit by getting a thermal scan to detect the areas that must be addressed for diagnosis and treatment. Inflammatory patterns, functional processes, degeneration, and obstructions are visible and objectively quantified. Progress can be demonstrated along a course of treatments through comparative scanning. Pre and post-treatment thermal scans reveal objective results for the patient and provider to review. Tammy is a passionate advocate of breast thermography – specifically for women who want earlier detection and prevention and less invasiveness from compression and/or harmful radiation. Women of all ages can benefit from annual breast thermal scans. She also enjoys travel, cooking, and home/office design. For more information on thermography, please go to: http://www.thermologyonline.org. Contact Tammy directly via email at [email protected].
Pam Marshall
Pam MarshallClinical Thermographer Level 1
Pam is a Massachusetts native interested in holistic health and all healthy living and wellness aspects. She is a strong advocate for alternative medicine. Her motto: “Keep Moving your Body, Mind, and Spirit,” has served her well – as you won’t see her slowing down much. Pam moved to Northern Virginia to be with her family and grandkids. She enjoys cooking, music, and playing with her dogs.
Kimberly Keese
Kimberly KeeseClinical Thermographer Level 1
Based on the Edgar Cayce readings, Kimberly was introduced to holistic health early in life at the A.R.E. children’s camp. There she learned about healing with food, meditation, dream journaling, and healing prayer. In college, she loved anatomy & physiology, and psychology and considered a pre-med curriculum focused on the connection between the body and mind. Kimberly graduated from the Potomac Massage Training Institute and started a massage practice. She pondered studying Chiropractic or Naturopathic medicine. In 2014 she was diagnosed with DCIS (Ductal carcinoma in situ). She set herself to study this somewhat controversial diagnosis and learned much about breast health. As a clinical thermographer, she enjoys talking with people about what they can and are doing for their excellent health. She believes we must be the most active participants in our own health. She loves the Thomas Edison quote, “The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and the cause and prevention of disease.”