We try and make this service affordable for everyone. Prevention should be!

Insurance rarely (if ever) covers thermal imaging. However, you may use your Flex Spend dollars or Health Savings Account (HSA) money. If you still wish to check with your insurance company, call and inquire about thermography or thermal imaging insurance coverage for your specific condition. If you desire a Health Insurance Claim Form (HICFA), you will be given one with the codes already on the form. Fill out your personal information on the form and send it to your insurance company. There are no guarantees you will, in fact, be covered. You will still have to pay for the scan upfront. If your insurance covers the scan, a reimbursement check for the scan will be sent to you, or the balance will come off your deductible.

Please note: When referred by a Doctor, one copy of the scan results will go to the doctor that referred you, and one copy will come directly to you. You will be sent 2 copies of your report if you have no physician referral.

Some clients may wish to remain anonymous from the insurance company for personal reasons – or if they are changing insurance companies. We respect the confidentiality of each client.