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Thermographic Infrared Imaging focuses on the Client- including healthy areas as well as the risk factors – which includes the operation of thermographic Tammy Leiner equipment. As an infrared thermography technician, you will work in a clinical setting with holistic-minded practitioners.

Thermography entails the use of specialized cameras that are sensitive to the detection of electromagnetic energy (light) in the infrared wavelengths (heat). As such, these images serve as a remote sensing system; nothing touches or harms the object under investigation. When the infrared camera takes an image, it produces a visible image display in color, noting the cool, warm, and hot temperatures within the body. These images (and health history) are sent to a medical doctor for interpretation. 

Thermal imaging is applied in the clinical environment as an aid in the diagnostic process. It is used for the thermal analysis of patients with various conditions including acute and chronic pain, breast activity, inflammatory and circulatory activity, and functional processes (such as thyroid and digestive), and is widely used in preventative and proactive wellness care.

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Certification and training for thermographic imaging technician.
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