I hope your new year is starting out great! Cheers to health, happiness and peace this 2020.

As a curious being, more like a self-taught information and education junkie, I am always researching and looking at statistics based on health – with components critical to wellness in my field of work. I was blown away to learn that a women’s risk factor of developing heart disease and stroke potential- is 4 TIMES GREATER than developing breast cancer! Wow! Really?!? How could this be? Most all the women that are appointed for Thermography are really only interested in breast screening – yet 4x more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. I personally am committed to educating and sharing tips on reducing inflammation (a precursor to most diseases) and better health practices. In February – we give just a bit more – because we have heart! Add on a Carotid Artery screening at NO CHARGE in the month of February. Mention this article for a FREE Carotid scan. EXPIRATION: Feb. 29th, 2020